Our mission and purpose is to have our orgonites in every home bringing harmony and balance to all living things and offering a solution to the effects of modern day frequencies.

We have therefore made them affordable, practical and beautiful.
They do not have to be worn to be effective as they have a big field.  They can be placed on a tabletop, near a computer or bed. They can be carried in a bag, placed in a car, or a pocket.  We have made them into keyrings and pendants and have tags for pets too.

Orgonea Orgonite:

Handmade with alchemy using shungite, metals, quartz and other crystals, resin, reiki, mantra, love and positive intention. Charged with special protective energies and made by energy healers Nicki, Eshana and Asha.
Use to balance, harmonise, strengthen and protect your bio-energetic field; assist in counteracting negative effects from electro-magnetic smog; purify and clean the atmosphere; help plants grow; promote quality sleep; and raise the vibration in the environment that surrounds you.

Orgonite matrix consists of resin, metals, quartz cyrstal as well as other various crystals and shungite stone. This combination is based on Dr Wilhelms Reich’s scientific research which found that organic materials attract and hold orgone energy (chi, prana) while non organic metals simultaneously attract and repel the energy. Orgonites are based on these 2 principles. Energy which is out of balance is absorbed into the orgonite by the metal resin mix and harmonised with positive healing energy by the embedded crystal and shungite stone. The shungite stone is especially special as it further increases the healing frequencies.   Orgone energy is a way to offset some of the harmful effects of modern day frequencies of technology. 
The Shungite Miracle Molecule is the medicine of the 21st century found in Russia.  It is a perfect healing energy as it matches the bio-electric energy as the earth. It is electrically conductive.  Within the Shungite are fullerenes or C60 molecule (with 60 carbon molecules, molecular hexagons and pentagons bound together in a hollow cage – they are very large and complex carbon molecules that geometrically match the concepts of Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic domes (football shaped) that Fuller worked with in the late 1940s.
The Shungite rock has been studied extensively by Russian scitentists.  They found that Shungite has the ability to neutralise numerous forms of negative energy.

Shungite provides EMF/Wifi protection:

Because of the geometry of the fullerenes the energy field is very powerful. The energy rotates in a clockwise direction (the same rotation in your body and in all living things).  Everything that is toxic from heavy metals to Wifi have energy fields rotating counter clockwise which is detrimental to all life. When anything toxic or EMR radiation hits Shungite it instantaneously changes it’s rotation to a clockwise spin and quantum energy so the signals become bio-compatible with your energy field and that of all living things.  The Russian military use Shungite to protect against radiation.
Shungite balances and cleans and detoxifies our energy fields on emotional, physical and spiritual levels. It is an adaptogen.  It works with your electrical field to create your most optimum frequency for health. Shungite has been successfully used in Russia for many years to assist patients with depression and trauma.
Shungite creates live or structured water as in nature – recreates the clockwise spin in the water molecules that are lost when water travels through pipes. The molecules lose their cohesion and break into micro-clusters making it more bio-available and hydrating. The Shungite also acts to clean water.  Unlike a carbon filter there is no accumulation of toxins in the shungite. Locals in Russia use it in their water. Shungite water has a gently cleansing and rejuvenating effect at cellular level.


The delivery was very prompt. The package arrived I chose mine and put it around my neck. Then got on with my day. I was very anxious, life goes at such a rate. I went to my appointment’s I sat for a moment on arrival I realised how different I felt. The feeling continues and I am delighted. Then onto Mums nursing home, she has dementia and is in bed all the time. Her moods are very changeable and she shouts and is aggressive and spitting out food. I put 2 stones on a picture frame and one in a bag and tied it to the bed.
I went the next day I was greeted by two carers  separately both saying how calm she is, she Isn’t swearing she’s eating and drinking.  She was asleep, when I kissed her she woke up smiled and said hello darling. She never called me darling. So different so heartening. I ordered some more. I’m so thrilled.

“These cute little hearts are a beauty to look at and hold… Two of them sit by my sofa, where I spend quite some time reading and talking to friends, and over next to my bed.. I’m pleased with the items and will get some more on other shapes and sizes… Thank you!”

“Thank you, I don’t leave the house without my orgonite buster any more. I felt the harmonising effects from day one. Everybody around me seemed much calmer than usual.”

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